Feb 06

SGP024 – Paul Elam & Voting Cattle

Some-Garbage-Podcast-EP024---Paul-Elam-and-Voting-CattleA Voice for Men founder Paul Elam gets smeared by Buzzfeed as a dead beat dad, a drunk, and a drug addict. Paul responds with his side of the story. Nobody comes away looking good. You may recall, I used to write for AVfM until Paul’s liberal friends ran me out.

It’s the harrowing tale of a drunk bum who turned a hoe into a housewife, then built a fucking empire out of it. Hats off sir, we should all aim so high.

Also, I headed off to Concord in an effort to set voting rights back to pre-civil war days, trashing the politicos and the public alike before the New Hampshire Elections Committee.

What else is going on? Black history month, Greece is going to shit, record breaking budgets, ISIS is setting people on fire, lots of good news to talk about.

Watch the video here

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