Feb 14


Some Garbage Podcast EP025 - #KOKESHED

Some Garbage Podcast EP025 – #KOKESHED

Adam Kokesh joins us for the 25th episode of Some Garbage Podcast. He’ll be on for the entire two hours, during which we’ll discuss who the fuck knows. Do you think I plan this stuff out. It’s just Some Garbage Podcast.

In all seriousness, Adam has a book out, so I imagine that will be brought up a couple of times. I’m also interested in discussing dealing with haters, and celebritarianism in general. Adam and I have taken a few shots at each other over the years, but as my profile grew I came to appreciate him more. It’s not easy having everybody analyzing everything you do and criticizing your every move.

Also, the New Hampshire Senate passes a constitutional carry bill, I run circles around lobbyists in Concord, and a libertarian “civil war” is brewing between Ron Paul and Students for Liberty. Oh yeah, and tomorrow is Valentine’s day, which should be all sorts of wonderful *gag*.

Watch it live tonight, Friday February 13th from 5-7pm EST.  If you would like to be on the show, call 1-567-704-3182, Skype will not be available tonight, as we’ll have Adam on via that method.

See the video here

  • Adrian

    The good thing about people who value liberty is they understand how to put differences aside. it was good to hear/see two people that didn’t see eye-to-eye put their differences aside for a common goal. we need more of that in this country

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