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SGP026 – Muh Feels

Some Garbage Podcast EP026 - Muh Feels

Some Garbage Podcast EP026 – Muh Feels

I don’t know about you, but I’m alone on Valentine’s day. Go ahead, laugh it up. Say it’s because I’m a fat, bald, alcoholic loser who lives in his mother’s basement. While I certainly have a taste for whiskey, and my hair isn’t quite what it used to be – that’s not why I’m alone, and the rest is just plain inaccurate. But hey, have your fun. Why let the truth get in the way?

Last night I had Adam Kokesh on the show, and Adam was encouraging me to act in a more calculated fashion instead of reacting emotionally to things. That may well be good advice, but as it turns out I’ve actually been trying to be more in touch with my emotions lately.

As many men are, I was trained from a young age to detach from my emotions. I felt for a long time like they were primitive pack animal instincts that deterred me from loftier goals. We learn to turn them off to a large extent, and sure enough, this has some payoff. We can work all day without asking why we aren’t out enjoying our lives. We can fight our enemies without concern for their well being. We can analyze situations more “rationally”.

But to say we “shut them off” is inaccurate. We bottle them up. We stuff them inside a pressure cooker for years and years, ever tightening the lid hoping to keep them contained for eternity, but this is not ultimately possible. Eventually that lid blows off, and can leave a scene as gruesome as the Boston Marathon bombing.

This is even worse for libertarians. We are bombarded with imagery of the State and all its horrors, without the rose colored glasses our statist counterparts enjoy. When I see videos of policing murdering people and pets, when I see images of mutilated babies from war torn countries, I do not get the comfort of saying “they died for my freedom”. Instead I say “I could be next”. Rage, sorrow, fear. Bottle it up.

As an atheist, I lack the comfort of saying “God will make it right”. Hopelessness. Bottle it up.

Combine these things and throw yourself into the piranha pool that is the modern dating market. The entitled sense that most American women already walk around with goes nuclear when she finds herself a tiny and much sought out minority in a male dominated movement. Desire, competition, loss, envy, despair. Bottle it up.

Every penny you pay in taxes, you realize is a threat on your life. Every time you see a cop, you see a threat to your safety. Every political advertisement is a reminder that a competition to be your slavemaster is approaching. Bottle it up.

You fight for the freedom of the human race, but based on your gender, you are called an oppressor. Bottle it up.

Police show up at a guy’s house in what most people would see as a routine welfare check, and rather than take one more second of it, he puts a bullet through his skull. His fiance contacts you and lets you know he was a fan of your work. You’re reminded that you paint a very dark picture of the world, you know that it affects others, and you feel responsible.

That’s where I’m at right now, and I don’t much feel like celebrating.

So join me tonight, Saturday February 14th from 5-7pm EST for a Valentine’s Day commiseration special. Let’s be alone together, for the saddest episode of Some Garbage Podcast ever.

The number to call in if you would like to be on the program is 567-704-3182, and the more you talk the less I have to, so please do give us a call. Or send a Skype request to Skype username SomeGarbagePodcast.com

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