Feb 27

SGP028 – SJW Industrial Complex

First they came for Cantwell, and I did not speak up because I wasn’t an asshole. Then they came for Ron Paul, and I did not speak because I wasn’t a minarchist. Then they came for me, and by that time, not only was there was nobody to speak, but the words had no meaning.“~ You in 20 years if you don’t stop this trend.

Some Garbage Podcast EP028 - SJW Industrial Complex

Some Garbage Podcast EP028 – SJW Industrial Complex

Social Justice Warriors are at best, misled, and at worst, intentional saboteurs. They destroy everything they get their hands on. They are not pro-freedom, seeking the best interests of women or minorities, or trying to improve anybody’s quality of life. They are envy personified, and hence their egalitarianism and anticapitalism.

This idea that nobody can be above anybody else is the antithesis of liberty. That is communism and I want no part of it. This has been the excuse for more State violence than any other idea in the history of mankind, and these animals want to replace all of the work we’ve done with that treacherous vile filth. Not my my watch.

But that’s not all that’s going on. A little bit of good news even. The District of Criminals legalized marijuana, even while the US Congress threatened to put their officials in prison. You know the feds are losing their grip when they get nullified on their home turf.

CPAC is ongoing, that ought to be a fine disaster. Net Neutrality passed, and within a few weeks we should find out what that actually means, also gonna be terrible.

Scariest part is, I’ll be taking your calls, so we have no fucking idea where this is actually gonna go. Number to call in if you would like to be on the program is 567-704-3182 or send a Skype request to username SomeGarbagePodcast.com. This and every Friday, from 5-7pm EST.

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