Mar 06

SGP029 – The War on Truth

Liberals are mutilating language while Facebook is marking alternative media as hoaxes, and Google wants to “fact check” reality into an early grave. We’ve got free market anticapitalism, libertarian socialism, neutralized networks, voluntary compulsion, and all manner of insanity bombarding us every day. People don’t want facts, they’re racist, after all…

Some Garbage Podcast EP029 - The War on Truth

Some Garbage Podcast EP029 – The War on Truth

The sickest part is, you’re about to tune into a comedy podcast that calls itself garbage to get a glimpse of sanity. We live in a world where you have to come to an armed alcoholic beggar to get a glimpse of reality. What has this world come to?

I’ll be taking your calls, so we have no fucking idea where this is actually gonna go. Number to call in if you would like to be on the program is 567-704-3182 or send a Skype request to username SomeGarbagePodcast.com. This and every Friday, from 5-7pm EST.

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