Apr 10

SGP035 – Fight or Flight

What is a libertarian to do in this world of statism? We often talk about how to solve the problem, but perhaps we should just resign ourselves to the certainty of our ultimate demise, and do our best to stay comfortable. Perhaps braving New Hampshire winters in hopes of fighting the evil empire and bringing down the most powerful government in the history of mankind, is not all it’s cracked up to be. Perhaps one would be better off living out one’s days on a pristine beach surrounded by beautiful women, in a place where the government has all but collapsed already.

Some Garbage Podcast EP035 - Fight or Flight

Some Garbage Podcast EP035 – Fight or Flight

The latter approach is the pitch by Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante, and he’ll be joining me via Skype for this episode. He has stationed himself in Acapulco, Mexico and is encouraging other libertarians to join him there. The enforcement arm of the government there has basically quit, and unsurprisingly, the quality of life there is improving. Not entirely dissimilar to what we recently saw in New York City.

Jeff went so far as to host a conference there, which he called Anarchapulco. My colleague Mark from Free Talk Live attended, and spoke highly of his experience there.

Other libertarian media personalities like Luke Rudkowski, and Angel Clark, have already made the move, and seem to be quite happy there.

Am I just out of my fucking mind for staying here in the US? The weather, the cost of living, the utter lack of a feminist movement, the near total collapse of the State apparatus… Why am I begging for scraps and struggling to pay my bills, just to bark at some legislator about gambling regulations?

Well, it’s not entirely that simple.

Firstly, I’m sort of playing down what I’ve got going on in New Hampshire. I’m a co-host of Free Talk Live, which airs on over 150 broadcast stations across the US. That’s a pretty powerful microphone which I would lose access to if I left New Hampshire. While the Anarcho-Lobbyist series has been a dismal failure in terms of YouTube views, I am beginning to build some recognition in the State house as one of the better speakers, and that could legitimately turn into political influence. Besides, I wouldn’t want to let my rivals here off the hook too easily…

Secondly, Mexico has its problems. There’s a reason people are risking death and imprisonment to get across the US/Mexico border and work themselves to death for sub minimum wages in statist hellholes like New York.

Gun rights are pretty big issue for me. I openly carry a revolver in New Hampshire, and I have a permit to conceal that is reciprocated in 22 states. In Mexico the law recognizes no such right, and I have this weird habit of making enemies. I need to be able to defend myself. Then again, there’s no police around to enforce the laws.

Jeff from time to time talks about the drug cartels maintaining order. I can see this having its upsides, but I had some dealings with organized crime when I lived in Brooklyn, and some of them were absolutely terrifying.

Ultimately I see the United States government as the evil empire, the problem that needs solving. Its influence doesn’t end outside of its borders, hence all the damn wars going on. Is walking away from that even possible?

Ah, decisions decisions… I’m sure Jeff will help me sort it out. This and every Friday, join us from 5-7pm Eastern time for another excruciating episode of Some Garbage Podcast. If you would like to be on the show, call in to 567-704-3182 or connect with Skype username SomeGarbagePodcast.com.

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