Apr 19

Radical Agenda EP001 – Patriots’ Day

On April 19th, 240 years ago, some agents of the British government came to confiscate weapons from American colonists. This did not pan out too well for them, as when they approached the rebel weapons stocks, they were fired upon by said rebels. I’m sure Tom Woods can give you a better history lesson, so I won’t spend a great deal of time on that part of this.

Radical Agenda EP001 - Patriots' Day

Radical Agenda EP001 – Patriots’ Day

In any case, while the American experiment in “limited government” surely spiraled into mankind’s most catastrophic failure to date, the romanticism that surrounds the American Revolution is not entirely unjustified. A relatively small group of people produced some of the most prolific writings about liberty in human history, and fought off an empire that was largely perceived to be invincible. They established a government and a constitution which, however flawed, did lead to a lessening of restrictions which gave us some of the greatest advancements in human knowledge, philosophy, and technology ever.

On Friday I announced there would be some rebranding of Some Garbage Podcast, and ChristopherCantwell.com. You may notice my tag line at the top of this website has had the word “Asshole” replaced with “Abolitionist”. Some Garbage Podcast is now “Radical Agenda”. This led some to be concerned that I would be toning down the message. That by eliminating the self deprecating marketing tactics of the past, I might also moderate my message for the future.

While I have little use for patriotism or patriots, I think Patriots’ day is a great opportunity to alleviate their fears by launching Radical Agenda with a discussion centered around the violent overthrow of government, the necessity of a culture of resistance, and the tragedy that is the libertarian movement’s trajectory in the opposite direction. Perhaps we ought make some mention of the lunacy that occurred two years ago at this time, when the people who live in the same area these battles took place, cheered for martial law on their streets in the name of finding a 19 year old boy with a crock pot. Evidence enough, that Minarchy + Time = Tyranny.

So join me, this Sunday April 19th from 5-7pm Eastern for the first of many episodes of Radical Agenda, a show about Common Sense Extremism. We will continue to air in the Friday 5-7 spot where I used to do Some Garbage Podcast, and eventually decide on a regular airing time for a second weekly episode.

Connect with Skype Username RadicalAgenda if you would like to be on the program, or call 567-704-3182.

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