Apr 29

Radical Agenda EP004 – Race Riots and Genital Mutilation

A man suffers a fatal spinal cord injury while in police custody, and all hell breaks loose. Race pimps stoke the fires of irrationality as a CVS burns to the ground. A state of emergency is declared, the National Guard steps in to enforce a curfew, and a city is under siege from both sides of “the law”.

Radical Agenda EP004 - Race Riots and Genital Mutilation

Radical Agenda EP004 – Race Riots and Genital Mutilation

People are angry, and rightfully so. Predictably, the predatory gang of criminals that victimizes humanity in ever more horrific ways by the second, must direct that anger away from the perpetrators of this evil. “It’s perfectly normal that we disarm you! Of course we should be kidnapping people off the streets! The real problem is racism, so burn down a pharmacy and loot the liquor stores!”.

The police who victimize in the name of protection, they predictably do nothing to stop all this destruction. All their rhetoric of putting their lives on the line to protect society goes right out the window once there’s an actual threat to their safety. The best they can hope for is to throw some tear gas at a crowd or two, and stand far back when they dare to resist in numbers.

In other news, a former olympic athlete turned D-List reality TV scumbag, reignites his fame and glory by announcing on television that he intends to mutilate his penis. Bruce Jenner is being hailed as a hero by the liberal media for bragging to Dianne Sawyer about his mental illness and gender confusion. I’m quite sick of hearing about it, but Matt Walsh had an excellent piece on the subject at The Blaze, so I figure I’ll share it with you.

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