May 15

Radical Agenda EP009 – Josie’s Tales, Police Cooperation

Smeared with bullshit twice inside of a week by a former activist who goes by the pseudonym Josie Wales, I decided to tell some truths on 150+ broadcast stations across the United States last night. Unfortunately, we only got to it in the last segment, and I’ve got more to say. So you lucky folks get to hear it on Radical Agenda.

Radical Agenda EP009 - Josie's Tales, Police Cooperation

Radical Agenda EP009 – Josie’s Tales, Police Cooperation

Also, there’s been a lot of rumors going around about me being some kind of police informant. Those rumors have been confirmed. I will bring you the shocking details of Christopher Cantwell’s collaborations with the State.

In other news, I almost killed somebody and surprisingly enough, not everybody is happy about that. Hillary Clinton is engaged in pay discrimination. And I’ve got some really important advice for mentally ill people.

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