May 22

Radical Agenda EP011 – Police in the Absence of the State

In the wake of a series of incidents here in my home city of Keene, I’ve had some interesting correspondence with law enforcement officials here in the city. Despite my vicious rhetoric toward their line of work, they’ve been courteous, professional, and kind to me, which I think to be quite exemplary. More surprisingly, some of these men have expressed an uncommon familiarity with the content I produce, going so far as to call it entertaining, and to express considerable agreement with much of the subject matter.

At some detriment to my anarchist street cred, this has led me to quite anxiously seek correspondence with my local police department. I was completely open with them in the wake of my recent self defense incident. When a man came onto my friend’s porch with a knife to cut security wiring, I called the police. I had a lengthy discussion with a Lieutenant in the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts. A man accused me of assaulting him, and I brought the heavily edited video of the incident to the attention of a Sergeant.

Radical Agenda EP011 - Police in the Absence of the State

Radical Agenda EP011 – Police in the Absence of the State

I told one of them that he would do just fine in the future of private policing, and I meant it.

Picture if you will, a press conference with the President of the United States. Barack Obama steps up to the podium and says “My fellow Americans, let me be clear. I’ve been listening to this show some of you may have heard of titled ‘Radical Agenda’ and I have concluded this whole government thing is a terrible idea. The State is hereby abolished, I wish you the best, and may God continue to bless the United States of America”. In the wake of this press conference, the federal, state, and local governments set forth to sell off their assets, to pay their debts, and to privatize all government services.

As unrealistic as that particular scenario may sound, feel free to imagine any other orderly dissolution of the State apparatus. Now what? Even the most vehemently “limited government” libertarian would surely say that police and courts were still necessary services for government to provide. So how might said services be provided in the absence thereof?

Let’s discuss that, and whatever else is on your mind. This and every Friday from 5-7pm Eastern, join us for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism, where we talk about radical, crazy things, like providing services in exchange for payment. Call 218-936-0815 or hit us up on Skype username Radical Agenda, if you would like to be on the program.


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