Jun 12

Radical Agenda EP015 – The Abolition of Entertainment

I am thoroughly convinced that our social and political problems extend well beyond left vs. right or statist vs. anarchist. This has now reached a point where the war is between people who enjoy the world, and people who want to see its utter destruction.

Radical Agenda EP015 - The Abolition of Entertainment

Radical Agenda EP015 – The Abolition of Entertainment

Whether it’s Ellen Pao, filing lawsuits because her decision to fuck a married coworker didn’t pan out, and banning subreddits because they don’t conform to her egalitarian agenda, or Bernie Sanders travelling the country radicalizing the Democratic Party, it seems like every day, some new lunatic hell bent on the abolition of all things decent makes some huge advancement towards our extinction as a species. It’s fuckin exhausting just to look at.

And exhaustion is the last thing I need. I had planned to end my nocturnal sleeping patterns and abandon the night’s watch at the LRN studios after last night. Staying up all night waiting for vandals and thieves to dare step in front of my revolver, while mosquitos drain the life from my veins, has proved quite stressful. I figured if I could keep the shitheads at bay for a month, that would be a pretty damn good deterrent to the predation that had been ongoing prior.

We almost made it too, but New Hampshire’s shithead population is quite resilient. Since the porch has been guarded every night for a month, they decided to strike during the day. A truck drove by and flung raw sewage up on the porch, leaving an awful stench and splattered biological material all over the place. I once again called the police, but police of course are no substitute for handling one’s own business.

This particular attacker made the mistake of carrying out the deed in a very distinct vehicle. I had made wanted posters of the truck from the surveillance camera footage. Before I got to put the posters up anywhere though, I saw the son of a bitch on the road, and I chased him. I’ll tell you more on the air.


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