Jun 26

Radical Agenda EP018 – Muh Flags

A fanatic walks into a church and murders 9 people in cold blood over racial motives. There is no punchline, this actually happened.

Radical Agenda EP018 - Muh Flags

Radical Agenda EP018 – Muh Flags

The joke happens later, when people begin rushing to hide the “rebel flag” from public view in every way possible. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and other retailers removed products displaying the flag from their sites. Nevermind that they still sell copies of Mein Kampf and Nazi memorabilia. Warner Bros. stops production of Dukes of Hazzard merchandise because it has the confederate flag on their car. the “General Lee”.

Nevermind that slavery was a relatively minor issue during the civil war, or that Lincoln was more than happy to enslave any number of people to “keep the union together”, the historical accuracy of the matter is not the issue. It never is. Why would factual or historical accuracy matter to left wing fanatics who care not for what actually happened yesterday?

In other news, French taxi drivers are rioting over free market transportation, the night’s watch continues in Keene, I’m going to Lancaster tomorrow, Greece is nearing yet another deadline it has no intention of meeting, and of course, your calls.  Dial 218-936-0815 or hit us up on Skype username Radical Agenda, if you would like to be on the program.

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