Jul 17

Radical Agenda EP022 – Baby Junkyards & Sellebritarians

Up on the auction block today is a bucket of baby parts, and libertarian philosophy. We’ll start the bidding at $30, and decrease it as fewer and fewer people see any value in either. The world is absolute garbage and continues to get worse by the day.

Radical Agenda EP022 - Baby Junkyards & Sellebritarians

Radical Agenda EP022 – Baby Junkyards & Sellebritarians

Planned Parenthood is caught on video discussing the sale of baby parts, while the ghoulish eugenicist in question stuffs her face and drinks wine at a fancy dinner. Between remarks about how good the food is, this monster casually discusses in great detail, exactly what parts she can sell, how much they cost, and exactly the process by which the parts are obtained.

If that depravity weren’t enough, the liberal media reliably rushed to the defense of the second largest killer in Earth (the first of course, being government). They explained to us how the remarks about selling infant arms, legs, heads, and livers for as little as $30 were totally justified, and taken out of context. Forgive me if I’m less than reassured of the righteousness of the cause, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh, and remember how I mentioned I was back in the speaking circuit? Well, I still am, but two of those engagements have been cancelled, and Jeff Tucker has proudly taken credit for both.

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