Aug 27

Radical Agenda EP029 – Hell Week

This week has been full of terrible news. A State sponsored stock market crash, revived fears of bailouts and stimulus packages. A libertarian got arrested for a paperwork discrepancy, and even while sitting in jail, couldn’t stop bitching about his own white fucking privilege. A black, gay, social justice warrior took his complaints about white heterosexuals to their ultimate conclusion, leaving two people dead, and reviving calls for more restrictive gun laws in America.

Radical Agenda EP029 - Hell Week

Radical Agenda EP029 – Hell Week

But the news wasn’t all bad, a cop killed himself when he was caught cheating on his wife.

Free Talk Live‘s Ian Freeman co-hosts the 29th episode of Radical Agenda. Today, Thursday August 27th 2015 from 5-7pm Eastern. We’ll be discussing the latest headlines, his upcoming Keenevention event, and of course, your calls. Give us a ring at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype if you would like to be on the program.

I’m still figuring out the new schedule since I’m going to be doing Free Talk Live on Fridays from now until they kick me off again. So stay tuned for show announcements.

It’s the Radical Agenda, a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like blaming murderers for murder instead of the objects they happened to be holding at the moment of the crime.


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