Sep 17

Radical Agenda EP035 – Defacing the Debate 2

If I’m entirely honest with you, I’m not entirely sure what these lunatics are doing tonight. CNN has one debate scheduled for 6pm, and another scheduled for 8pm. I presume from the limited information I have the patience to gather that the 6pm debate is the “undercard” debate of people 6 people polling too low to take seriously, and the 8pm debate is for the other 10 people not worth taking seriously.

Perhaps I’ve overspoken. Taking these people for mere jokes could be hazardous to one’s health. What I mean to say is, we shouldn’t believe a word any of them say. I mean, we’ve got the ultimate of establishment hacks in, Jeb Bush. We’ve got the half assed fake libertarian, Rand Paul. We’ve got the refreshingly blunt, but observably leftist Donald Trump. And of course our token female, the affirmative action hire, of Carly Fiorina. Oh, wait, I better mention the token black guy, Ben Carson, before all you SJW bastards label me a racist. No affirmative action there. Please forgive me PC nanny state censors.

Whatever the case, this is bound to be a disaster, and I look forward to mourning with you over it.

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  • Willd Billl

    Thanks for watching this drivel so I don’t have to. Maybe you should loan them the “Some Garbage” label?

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