Sep 24

Radical Agenda EP038 – Stupid Fuggin Animals

Yesterday I met the winner of the oppression olympics. David “Destiny” Price had been commenting up my “Transgendering a Toddler is Child Abuse” article for days. Threatening readers with legal action, and posting vapid pseudo science nonsense to justify “her” mental illness. When that didn’t succeed in getting him the acceptance “she” so desperately desires, he called a phone number I have listed on my website and left me several threatening voicemails, before ultimately calling the police on me. But I don’t respond kindly to threats.

When the police were incapable of carrying out her threats of violence, she took to Twitter. Of course ,she couldn’t take any responsibility for making false police reports, she couldn’t take any responsibility for harassing me, my readers, and countless other people on countless other forums. No, “she” was a victim, and her victimhood was all that mattered.

To the untrained eye, you might think I’m picking on “Destiny” because he is trans, and to be sure, I think he should be getting help for his illness instead of insisting society pretend he’s a woman. But the reality is, “she” never had to come into contact with any of us. Mr. Price wanted to get into a political argument with people who were smarter than him, and when he didn’t get the validation he felt he was owed, he resorted to insults and threats. When that didn’t work, he cried victim.

That’s everything about his entire persona, there is literally nothing else to redeem him. His entire Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feeds are about him whining into the ether about transgender issues, and how nobody loves him because he is trans, how he is being oppressed by this bigoted society. It never occurs to him for a moment that he can’t keep a job because he is irresponsible. It never crosses his mind that he has no friends because he is a miserable whining piece of human garbage. Perish the thought he take some responsibility for his own mental and emotional state. No. The entire world needs to bend to David “Destiny” Price’s delusions, anything less is oppression, and as far as Mr. Price is concerned, the government should violently force all of mankind to bend to his whims.

Radical Agenda EP038 - Stupid Fuckin Animals

Radical Agenda EP038 – Stupid Fuggin Animals

Speaking of soul sucking, androgynous left wing fanatics, Antonio Buehler has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president! Hopefully now we can dispense with the ridiculous idea that race pimps are doing anything other than trying to spread communism. You know who else is spreading communism? The fuckin pope, as if Catholicism wasn’t bad enough… As for the jokers to the right, Donald Trump wants the FCC to fine a political commentator for saying he got his balls cut off in the recent DOP debate. Perhaps a guy who wants to use federal regulatory agencies to rob his critics shouldn’t be president after all…

As if all that weren’t bad enough, we’ll also be taking calls at 218-936-0815 or Skype username Radical Agenda.

So join us this and every Thursday (and Tuesday) from 5-7pm Eastern for another excruciating episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like frivolous legal threats, and mocking mentally ill people into suicidal depressions.
I had to remove this video from YouTube due to threats from the tolerance mafia. You can still get the audio at RadicalAgenda.com

Another update, a listener had ripped the video before I took it down, so I’ve uploaded it here for your viewing pleasure.


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