Oct 10

Radical Agenda EP044 – ‎Augustus Sol Invictus

“How far are you willing to go?” asks Augustus Sol Invictus, a Libertarian Party candidate for the United States Senate in Florida. He says that question should send a shiver up your spine, because he’s not asking you whether you’re ready to get off your ass and vote, or whether you’re willing to bitch and moan on the Internet, or whether you’re willing to wear ironic T-shirts to piss off your coworkers. He’s calling for total insurrection.

Some question his sanity. A self identified Pagan, Augustus tells a story of fasting and praying in the desert, then coming home, sacrificing a goat, and drinking its blood. Adrian Wyllie resigned his position as chair of the Florida LP in protest of Mr. Invictus’s candidacy, citing Augustus’s religious beliefs, and claiming he was violent and recruiting “fascists” and “Neo-Nazis” into the Libertarian Party.

Radical Agenda EP044 - ‎Augustus Sol Invictus

Radical Agenda EP044 – ‎Augustus Sol Invictus

Wyllie’s claims however ring quite familiar to me. Despite being an ardent adherent to the non-aggression principle, and never preaching hatred toward any racial group, I’ve been expelled from numerous organizations, speaking engagements, and media platforms on dubious accusations of racism, sexism, and violence. More and more it seems anyone who dares to mention the basic realities of the universe is chased from polite society by leftist infiltrators who are trying to turn libertarianism into some rainbow room safe space for transgendered black communists.

If you ask me, libertarianism can do without the Adrian Wyllie’s of the world, and desperately needs more men like Augustus Invictus. Well spoken warriors who recognize the State as the mortal enemy of mankind will do far more to better the world, than hipster pansies who spend all their time bashing Donald Trump on Facebook.

So it is my distinct honor to be joined this Friday, October 9th at 5pm Eastern for a very special episode of the Radical Agenda, with our guest Augustus Sol Invictus. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like religious liberty and self defense.

Plus, your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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