Oct 20

Radical Agenda EP047 – Human Garbage

In no small portion, people are worthless pieces of filth. If what separates man from animal is his ability to reason, then humanity is on the fast track to primitivism, as reason has been jettisoned from damn near everything I set eyes upon these days.

Radical Agenda EP047 - Human Garbage

Radical Agenda EP047 – Human Garbage

A woman invited her alleged rapist to spend the night. Despite the ever lowered standards of evidence for campus rape allegations, the college didn’t punish the guy. Her family doesn’t believe her, and neither do I. That startling lack of evidence be damned, she wrote a book about it and is being touted as some kind of hero. This ridiculously implausible story is just one more example of the rape accusation culture passed off as some kind of rape epidemic. How the hell do people take this nonsense seriously?

I dared to speak of pot in a negative light, and somehow people think that means I support the war on drugs?

Those #CocksNotGlocks lunatics started deleting posts from their event page. Care to guess which posts aren’t being deleted? You simply can’t have an honest conversation with a gun control advocate, they’ll delete it.

People got into such an uproar about Dylann Roof shooting up a church, well that’s a thing worth being upset about, sure. But one pastor in Detroit showed us how to deal with such things.  Somebody tried to attack him in church, and he shot the bastard. I don’t suspect we’ll see gun control advocates thinking much about that, do you?

Texas cut off funding to Planned Parenthood, as they rightly ought to. However, courts ordered Louisiana to restore the payments after a lawsuit, and Planned Parenthood will sue to keep on stealing from you and I to fund their ghastly activities.

Ain’t democracy grand?

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