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Radical Agenda EP053 – Fall of the Left

A series of recent events show Americans are increasingly rejecting the left wing agenda, even where it originally seemed quite popular. The predictable backlash follows a previously frightening trend of adopting of leftist policies. But even those who bought into crypto-Marxist egalitarian nonsense prior, seem to be turning against the tide.

Radical Agenda EP053 - Fall of the Left

Radical Agenda EP053 – Fall of the Left

Houston, a city which had elected the openly lesbian Mayor Annise D. Parker voted in a referendum that repealed an anti-discrimination ordinance by a landslide, which had previously been passed by their city council. Supporters said the ordinance was similar to those approved in 200 other cities and prohibited bias in housing, employment, city contracting and business services for 15 protected classes, including race, age, sexual orientation and gender identity. Opponents said the measure would allow men claiming to be women to enter women’s bathrooms and inflict harm. The measure failed by a vote of 61 percent to 39 percent.

Dubbed “The Bathroom Ordinance” by opponents and the “Houston Equal Rights Ordinance” by proponents, or HERO – the debate predictably avoided the real issue at hand, property. Nobody has an equal right to the use of anyone else’s property. The government shouldn’t be deciding anything about our bathrooms, be it the liters per flush of the toilet, or who we let use it. If queers and trannies want to be treated with respect by the public, then they should stop trying to force unpopular laws on the society.

But of course, the left doesn’t give a damn what the public wants. As their agenda fades from popularity, they still use their grip on power to force their edicts on people. The federal Department of Education now says that male students must be allowed to use female locker rooms and even showers, just because those male students claim to be female. We had discussed a related case on Episode 31, where female students staged a walkout in protest of such a mandate. Understandably, those female students didn’t want to take off their clothes and shower next to a male student. But I guess all that feminist rhetoric about respecting women’s choices only extends so far as the leftist anti-human agenda can carry it.

A case of misplaced priorities prevented recreational marijuana from being legalized in Ohio. Issue 3, as it had been known, went down in a landslide, falling 65% to 35%, and losing in all 88 counties. Issue 3 would have legalized recreational marijuana, but granted licenses to only 11 pot farms all pre-determined by those who had funded the referendum’s campaign. Voters even passed a second ballot initiative, known as Issue 2, which specifically prevents future deep-pocketed constituents from trying to amend the state constitution for their own gain.

It should go without saying that the war on drugs, and the prohibition on marijuana in particular, are completely ridiculous exercises of government violence. Of course breaking down doors, locking people up, and gunning people down over plant material is stupid, dangerous, and evil. But so is granting selective monopolies to wealthy corporate interests. Allowing someone to buy legal permission to do that which would be a felony for someone else is the definition of political corruption, and Ohio voters rightly rejected it by a landslide, despite the short attention spans of many stoners who would sell out their freedom and economy for the chance to smoke a little weed.

The next time you try to reform marijuana law, allow me to suggest some language for you. “The State and its political subdivisions shall lack any authority to tax, regulate, prohibit, or otherwise exercise any legal control over naturally occurring plant material.” The answer to the war on drugs is fewer laws, not more of them.

People long ago realized that so called “conservative” laws trying to dictate how people lived their lives were outdated relics of religious irrationality. That was an important step forward. We are now approaching a time when people are coming to recognize that dogmatic left wing egalitarianism and central economic planning are no better.

Perhaps there is hope for mankind afterall. Let us know what you think at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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