Nov 06

Radical Agenda EP054 – My Hero

Remember that hero cop who was gunned down in Illinois back in September? Remember the relentless “war on cops” narrative it fed into? Remember the massive manhunt that ensued searching for his killers? Remember the hour long funeral procession where citizens lined up along the streets to salute the fallen veteran officer who selflessly laid down his life for the citizens of Fox Lake?

Radical Agenda EP054 - My Hero

Radical Agenda EP054 – My Hero

Yeah, turns out that was a bunch of bullshit. As it turns out, Lt. Joe Gliniewicz wasn’t just kidnapping, assaulting, and robbing, the people of his city the way most cops do (legally), he was also coercing blowjobs from his colleagues, hiring gangland assassins to murder the village manager, robbing a children’s program he was in charge of, planting drugs, cheating on his wife, running traffic ticket scams, and all manner of disreputable things without any legal authorization whatsoever! The nerve of this guy!

Oh, and that murder? Turns out it was a suicide. Using his training he simply staged the scene to look like a murder so he could go down in history as a hero cop instead of a ruthless lying bastard. He realized the jig was up and did the honorable thing, by ending his miserable life.

It’s damn shame more criminal scum won’t follow his example.

On the bright side, it did show us all just how much corruption and filth a police department is not only willing to tolerate, not only willing to cover up, but anxious to celebrate and idolize. The massive mobilization of resources, the flag waving, the copsucking, it all went on well after the coroner realized it was a suicide. The investigation into his theft had been ongoing for about 6 months. He had been suspended, sued, and reprimanded repeatedly throughout his three decade career.

None of that stopped the Fox Lake Police Department, the media, or the rest of the country, from celebrating this thieving murderous skel as some kind of hero saint. It took a damn press conference airing all this filthy criminal’s dirty laundry in one fell swoop to make anybody think twice about it.

Eh, live and learn, right?

In other news, Ben Carson made his rap debut. Hundreds of high school students may face felony charges over selfies. Spooning is sexist, said the gay man. And does it come as a surprise to anyone that the Democratic party is falling apart?

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