Nov 11

Big News! Roku Channel Published!

Some time back I announced that a Roku channel was available for you to listen to Radical Agenda as well as my Essays Read Aloud podcast. In case you’re not familiar, Roku is a streaming media device that hooks up to your TV. It makes watching and listening to streaming media like Netflix and Hulu very simple, and over 10 million of them had been sold as of September 2014. If you’re at all familiar with Glenn Beck’s network “The Blaze” that’s how they got started.

Since then I’ve added a number of other features which I’ll outline in a moment, but that’s not the big news.

Radical Agenda Roku Channel

Radical Agenda Roku Channel

Roku has what is known as “Private Channels” and “Public Channels”. I originally published the channel privately because it was still somewhat experimental at the time, and errors can get you expelled from the Roku “Channel Market” which is where Public Channels go. After extensive testing and adding of features, I submitted the channel for approval last month, and after a little bit of troubleshooting, it has been approved.

Now Roku users who have never heard of us or our ideas can find the channel in the Roku channel market, under the comedy section. You can also add it via your web browser here, or by using the vanity code “RA”. Sure, we’re talking about very serious topics, but we do try to make it entertaining, and I’ve always thought comedy would be a great way to mass market liberty. Well, now we’re doing it and we are off to a spectacular start.

In just two days since being published, before I even made this announcement, the channel has seen over 330 installs and has a solid 5 star rating (Compare this to just 35 installs for the private channel in its entire existence). We are still currently listed in the “New” category as well as the comedy section.

If you have a Roku box, please install the channel from the channel market. If you had already installed the private channel, still please install the public one. You can delete the old channel, as they are more or less identical. The private channel will continue to work, though. Also, please give the channel a 5 star rating. You can do this by finding it on your home screen and hitting the asterisk button on your remote. That will help more people find it, similarly to how Facebook likes and YouTube thumbs up works.


The channel is all audio for now. I’ll work on adding video in the near future. As always, you can get the latest episode of Radical Agenda, as well as my Essays Read Aloud podcast on the channel.

I have added the Radical Agenda Radio Network as well. This is a 24/7 audio stream which right now plays mostly reruns of Radical Agenda and the Essays Read Aloud podcast, when the show airs live, I interrupt the playlist and stream the live edition of the show this way. This feed is also available on the website, and on the TuneIn app for smartphone.

Under the “More Shows” Section, I have also provided a way for you to listen to a number of other great content, including;

  • The LRN.fm Live Stream
  • Freedomain Radio
  • The Tom Woods Show
  • TheRightStuff.biz
  • The Alex Jones Show
  • The Scott Horton Show
  • Free Talk Live
  • The Schiff Report
  • Hardcore History
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Corbett Report
  • Professor CJ’s Dangerous History
  • Anarchast
  • Red Ice Radio
  • The No Agenda Show
  • School Sucks Project
  • Lew Rockwell

More To Come, and I Take Requests

Firstly, I can easily add any audio or video content to the channel that is fed through either an RSS feed (such as podcasts), or through a Shoutcast/Icecast audio stream, and certain types of video streams. If there is a podcast, radio network, or video stream you would like to see added, let me know.

In the very near future I’ll be adding regularly scheduled content other than my own reruns on the Radical Agenda Radio Network. For example, Tom Woods, Freedomain Radio, and content from TheRightStuff.biz. I’m also interested in finding live productions that would like to air on the network in real time, take calls, that sort of thing.

Video on Demand. As earlier mentioned, I will add video to the channel. First it will be video on demand. Similarly to how you can now watch episodes of Radical Agenda on YouTube after it airs, you will be able to watch it in Full HD on the Roku Channel. This requires a considerable addition to my production labors, but I will get to it at some point.

Live Video. I have long entertained doing something similar to Gary Franchi’s Next News Network. A 24/7/265 live video streaming station, but more entertainment focused than news oriented. That is quite a ways off, but it is on the agenda.

Other suggestions? Let me know.

Again, you can get the channel from the Roku Channel Market under the comedy section, or by clicking here, or by using the vanity code “RA”.

Don’t have a Roku box yet? Get one through my Amazon affiliate link, and I’ll get a cut at no additional cost to you!




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