Nov 11

Radical Agenda EP057 – Adam Kokesh

I’ve got a special place in my heart for Adam Kokesh, and it’s not just because he’s one of my advertisers. We ran for Congress at the same time, and we were involved in a good deal of activism together after. He helped inspire me to get into media. In fact I was covering the Adam vs. The Man show while Adam was locked up in the District of Criminals when I finally decided to launch this website. You might well make the case that ChristopherCantwell.com and Radical Agenda would not exist were it not for Adam.

Radical Agenda EP057 - Adam Kokesh

Radical Agenda EP057 – Adam Kokesh

So I don’t take picking on him lightly, but I was sorta compelled to recently. A couple of Facebook posts he made were brought to my attention by readers and listeners which were perceived as misled takes on the racial issues at the top of all our news feeds as of late. As my audience is all too familiar, we’ve taken a decidedly “race realist” position on these issues, and I think we’ve provided a good deal of reason and evidence to back those positions. But Adam and I have often seen things differently and been able to have intelligent and honest discussions about it, so I think this ought to be interesting.

Adam seems to have seen things differently than us on some of these racial topics. When an anti-capitalist social justice warrior brought an inflatable elephant to the GOP debate and strung a banner from it reading “Racism”, Adam remarked that it was “brilliant activism”. I didn’t personally see any brilliance in this at all. For all the talk from the left wing of libertarianism about trying to appeal to broader audiences, calling the entire Republican party racist doesn’t seem to go along with that narrative. Leftists all liked calling Bush’s war racist, but with Obama kicking things up a notch it would seem racism ought to be backburnered in the foreign policy debate. There is immigration policy being discussed, but there’s not a single Democratic candidate demanding wide open lawless borders either, and in any case immigration is a behavior, not a race. Seems to me this activist just hates the Republican party and so he used a stupid epithet to insult roughly half the voters.

Then there was a post stating “It’s very sad that the statistics about racism in our “legal” system are undeniable and overwhelming, yet cops still want to laugh about it. ‪#‎thinblueline‬”

Well, we’ve discussed a number of statistics here, and it doesn’t seem to me like there is a great deal of evidence for racist cops at all. Violent, dangerous, expensive, unnecessary, sure. But racist? Not unless you’re complaining about their treatment of whites. By basically every measurement, when comparing apples to apples otherwise, disparities in race favor blacks over whites in a staggering way. So how the statistics could be “undeniable and overwhelming” seems a stretch to me, but perhaps Adam is privy to some statistics I haven’t come across yet.

But that’s not all, the news has been on fire lately, so we’ll surely cover some headlines. And of course, we’ll find out all about what Adam is up to, books, tours, videos, and whatnot. Might even hear from his lady friend. We’ll even take some calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype. Yes, that’s right folks, in the past I could not take calls while I had a guest on the line. But now I can!

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