Nov 13

Radical Agenda EP058 – Free Misery

Students across the country walked out of classes on Thursday in a mass demonstration dubbed the “Million Student March“. Students shirked responsibilities in protest of the heinous conditions they suffer through, like paying for services, working for market wages, and the unfortunate but inevitable side effects of the diversity they so adore.

Radical Agenda EP058 - Free Misery

Radical Agenda EP058 – Free Misery

The message wasn’t entirely clear outside of “we’re a bunch of left wing fanatics who are taking this opportunity to ruin lives, economies, and any boundaries of reasonable behavior” but roughly it centered around the elimination of student debt, and free college for all. Also on the table was a $15/hour minimum wage, following mass demonstrations on Tuesday to the same effect, as well as vague demands about ending “racism” on campus which led to some incredibly awkward moments.

Predictably, when asked how all this would be paid for, answers were not forthcoming outside of “the 1%”, indicating the colleges have not done a spectacular job of educating these young liberals on the basics of math.

The demonstrations followed a wave of mass hysteria at University of Missouri where unconfirmed claims of racism led to the resignations of the university’s president and chancellor, as well as a professor. A professor at that same university who was sympathetic to the protests has still not been fired after she threatened and assaulted a student journalist trying to cover the event.

#BlackOnCampus trended on Twitter as students recounted dubious claims about racial microaggressions and how it affected their schooling.

If the students are so uninterested in getting an actual education, if they are so miserable with their experiences on campus, then I suppose it makes sense that they no longer want to pay for the service. Especially given the fact that their degrees are ever increasingly useless. Attending college was once something that someone did to become very successful. This is no longer the case, because of short sighted government policy. What doesn’t make sense is, why do they think taxpayers should foot the bill for a service that has become completely miserable and worthless?

People saw “hey, those college educated folks are very successful” and in typical liberal short attention span fashion decreed “if we send everyone to college, everyone will be successful”. Very clearly, this has not been the case. Some people are suited for success, and some people are not. Sending failures to college, did nothing other than turn colleges into failures themselves, and mankind will suffer for it.

In other news, Jihadi John is dead, and so is the mainstream media. A black man dies of a cocaine overdose, and people blame the cops. Should climate change skeptics be prosecuted? America’s first Muslim majority city council promises the “show the polish, and everyone else“. Bernie Sanders might not make the ballot in New Hampshire. No physical fitness tests for cops, that’s sexist. Investigating the Tea Party is fine, but investigating #BlackLivesMatter after they burned cities to the ground, that’s racist.

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