Nov 14

Radical Agenda EP060 – Defacing the Debate 6

Sick of me yet? We’ve gone from doing the show twice a week, to doing two shows in one night. But of course, there is a lot happening today. France is on the brink of war, and some warn it could turn into World War 3. So we sorta had to cover that separately.

Radical Agenda EP060 - Defacing the Debate 6

Radical Agenda EP060 – Defacing the Debate 6

But of course, there is a debate tonight for the Democratic Presidential Primary candidates, and we wouldn’t want to miss that freak show. With Jim Webb out of the race, the last semblances of sanity have departed, and we can expect a full on free for all of liberal insanity.

We can also expect a great deal of war propaganda, as CBS has shifted the focus of the debate from the economy to the attacks on Paris. Gone are the days when Democrats were the anti-war party, we are all murderers now.

Ah, what else is there to say?

Join us tonight, Saturday November 14th at 9pm Eastern time for a special episode of the Radical Agenda, it’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like, Democrats.

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