Nov 16

Radical Agenda EP061 – Security vs. The State

In the wake of terrorist attacks that left 129 dead and over 300 injured in Paris, bombs are dropping in Syria, over 150 raids have been carried out across Europe, and media is buzzing with all manner of “security” measures being taken by governments throughout the world. A “peace plan” has been reached for Syria out of the G20 meetings in Turkey, and elections are planned in 18 months. The latest in terrorist threats, is PlayStation.

Radical Agenda EP061 - Security vs. The State

Radical Agenda EP061 – Security vs. The State

Unfortunately, it’s all theatrics. The State couldn’t keep you safe if it tried, and as evidenced by the open borders, guns bans, and rampant crime in our most heavily controlled cities, they aren’t even trying. In our prisons, inmates have parties with drugs, running tattoo parlors, and posting videos of it all to Facebook. Yet the Cult of the Omnipotent State expects us to believe they can keep us safe by cracking down on our freedoms, even as they import hundreds of thousands of unscreened strangers from countries they claim to be at war with.

European politics are moving remarkably rightward in the face of a migration crisis that threatens the extinction of Western civilization, and protests are breaking out across the continent. Migrant centers are being set on fire. But this rightward shift is not about tax cuts or deregulation of industry, it is merely a revolt against leftist cultural attitudes. So it’s a tad early to celebrate, right wing social engineering plus command economics does not a free society make. Calls to re-arm the society, are a mere reference to empowering law enforcement.

Only you and the market can see to security. An institution that sucks the life out of you until you die is not going to keep you safe. Absent a culture of resistance, Western civilization will fall to more dominant cultures, and those cultures will ultimately bring about their own destruction by way of religious fervor and irrationality.

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