Nov 20

Radical Agenda EP063 – Manstruation

Something truly terrible is happening to the men of our societies.

Thursday was International Men’s Day and the accompanying hashtag #InternationalMensDay was trending on Twitter. I was of course quite eager to click and see all the wonderful things being said about men. We are so frequently demeaned and treated badly, it only seemed right there would be at least one day a year when we were celebrated.

Radical Agenda EP063 - Manstruation

Radical Agenda EP063 – Manstruation

I was quickly reminded that there is no such thing as appreciation of men in modern society. Feminism has completely demonized, and almost totally destroyed masculinity. The hashtag was awash in misandrist sentiment about “toxic masculinity” and patriarchy, masked as concern for the dramatic suicide disparity between the genders. These maniacs actually think men are offing themselves in record numbers because painting the walls with our brains is our natural state. It’s just the raw toxicity of testosterone itself sentencing us to death, and the only cure is to become a bunch of effeminate whining pussies.

It couldn’t possibly be that we are literally working ourselves to death and fighting and dying to protect and provide for women who hate us, could it? It couldn’t possibly be that our breeding instincts or being driven crazy by subsidized birth control, abortion, and “career minded women” putting off childbirth until menopause and dooming our species to extinction, could it?

Of course not. Male suicide is a feature, not a bug. The only cure is to upgrade men, to make them female, and this process seems to be well on its way. Not only are we cutting off our dicks, stuffing our chests and getting published on the cover of Vanity Fair for doing so, we’re practically to the point of menstruating. A new study out of the UK says 26% of men believe they are having “man periods” and exhibiting PMS-like symptoms on a regular basis. Lucky for us, 58% of our girlfriends believe the struggle with manstruation is real, and of those who do, 43% are willing to try and cheer us up, or at least walk on eggshells.

Thankfully, some were willing to do the noble thing and say “man up”.

Perhaps soon, there will finally be pregnancy equality.

In other news, “Fuck you, you filthy white fucks”. Trump’s beaner wall might need an emergency exit. I love a black cop. The French are so stupid, they make the US Congress look smart. And if you thought these people were crazy, wait until you hear the callers at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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