Nov 27

Radical Agenda EP067 – White Friday

Diversity is on display as shoppers clamor to get the best deals on cheap consumer goods across America. Brawls are breaking out as limited supplies of deeply discounted products create fierce competitions in which some competitors are resorting to violence. It is a truly pathetic display of a society and culture descended into filth.

Radical Agenda EP067 - White Friday

Radical Agenda EP067 – White Friday

Not to be outdone, some are showing their moral superiority by escalating already catastrophic racial tensions. The Black Lives Matter terrorists are holding “Black Lives Not Black Friday” protests across the country, and doing their damndest to live without paying the white oppressor. Good luck with that, folks.

In Chicago, BLM demonstrators ripped the lights off a Christmas tree and shouted “Fuck yo Christmas tree” in a show of solidarity with Laquann McDonald, who was gunned down by police. McDonald was running down the middle of the road, high on PCP, waving a knife around at the time. A sweet boy who dindunuffin.

With all these tensions, Donald Trump has defied all expectations and is still at the top of the polls, and the Republican Party is in a full blown panic. Across the pond, far right parties are surging in the polls. Russia has accused the United States of passing on flight plan information about their fighter jet which was shot down by Turkey, and Turkey’s president has warned Putin not to “play with fire“.

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