Nov 30

Radical Agenda EP068 – Hateful Rhetoric

Last I left you, there was a standoff between police and a private sector gunman at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. That wrapped up literally the moment we ended the program, and the guy turned himself in. There are reports the guy made some utterance about “baby parts” and so of course the left wing fanatics got to work blaming the anti-abortion advocates of the Center for Medical Progress, who made videos depicting in great detail how Planned Parenthood does in fact sell baby parts.

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In a statement released after the shooting, Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America said;

One of the lessons of this awful tragedy is that words matter, and hateful rhetoric fuels violence. It’s not enough to denounce the tragedy without also denouncing the poisonous rhetoric that fueled it. Instead, some politicians are continuing to stoke it, which is unconscionable.


Radical Agenda EP068 - Hateful Rhetoric

Radical Agenda EP068 – Hateful Rhetoric

Which is interesting, coming from a raving left wing fanatic organization that has endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement. Cause you know, “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon” that’s just a little free speech about police accountability. Making a video documenting your “health care professionals” chopping up infants and negotiating prices for the parts in hopes of obtaining a luxury sports car on the other hand, that’s “hateful rhetoric”.

Surely, any criticism of a group that was founded with the specific intent of exterminating an entire race of people, is just terrible overheated hate speech. Stating that their political enemies who simply don’t wish to be forced to pay them half a billion dollars are waging a “War on Women” that’s just the nature of political discourse.

Same as everything with the left. They project and project and project. On climate change, they say skeptics are “denying science” then they go on to tell us that failure to raise taxes is going to cause giant fucking boulders to fly through the air. No, I’m serious. The same maniac who came up with this scam actually said this, and his proof is that boulders are sitting on top of a mountain, and the boulders are older than the mountain they are on. According to him, this could only have been caused by a time in pre-history when the Earth was warmer than it is today, which you know, must have been caused by all those prehistoric coal mines and tractor trailers, and thus raise taxes.

Hateful rhetoric? How about calling the people who find this preposterous terrorists, even while four out of five Brits think it is fake, 97% of Americans just plain don’t care, and other scientists are predicting a decades long ice age ahead?

You know what’s not hateful rhetoric to the left? Saying we live in a society that no longer needs men. You know what is? Saying this “formerly transgender” bearded lady is a fucking lunatic.

The left always preaches against violence, but in reality they love violence, even when they pretend to be libertarians. They are violent lying pieces of filth who will do anything to get their way. They will use guns to take guns. They will protest war only to take power, and then they will use that power to wage war. The only reason they preach against violence, is to disarm their victims with guilt. Just like their constant nagging about racism and sexism. They are the most racist, sexist people on the planet, but they don’t want the targets of their racism and sexism to talk back.

Leftists are the enemy of the human race. They will stop at nothing to bring about our extinction. The only cure is the fucking helicopter, and no matter what the uneducated wannabe libertarians out there say, Murray Rothbard would probably agree with me.

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