Dec 02

Radical Agenda EP069 – Right Wing Populism

Continuing our rhetorical shift, I decided to go on a bit of a purge last night on Facebook. Unlike most content producers I have this wacky strategy of alienating audience members by saying things I know some number will panic about, and then blocking them on Facebook. I’m unsure of the next step, but right after that, profit, indubitably.

What madness was this? Well, amongst others, this little ditty;

Yes, I’m a Trump supporting right wing extremist with pro-white opinions on race and traditional views on gender. On top of that, I’m not totally ashamed of my country. If this makes you want to throw a fit and make dumb ass comments on all my posts, then please get the fuck lost now because I’m sick of taking the time to block whining little assholes on Facebook who don’t know when to shut the fuck up.

Predictably, this results in nonsensical logical phallacies from sophist left wing activists and uneducated libertarians who are all too anxious to jump down somebody’s throat. Just like when we went into abortion, just like when we went into open borders, everybody wants to jump out with “you’re not an anarchist”.

Listen, I get it. I’ve done it before myself. I’m here to tell you from experience, it is retarded.

Radical Agenda EP069 - Right Wing Populism

Radical Agenda EP069 – Right Wing Populism

I plan to start the show off with a Rothbard essay titled “Right Wing Populism” which contains such gems as “Cops must be unleashed, and allowed to administer instant punishment,” as a strategy toward liberty. Those of you who bother to stick around through our rhetorical shift are going to learn some important things, and those who don’t can go to Brad Spangler’s fucking playground for all I care.

In other news, the Chicago police superintendent has been fired over the Laquan McDonald fiasco, as the cop who shot him gets out on bail. Christmas has been cancelled in Italy to avoid upsetting our Muslim friends. Force is the new choice. More boots on the ground, in Iraq. House Democrat warns of nuclear warfare with Russia. And what day would be complete without catching a Black Lives Matter protester lying and committing crimes?

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