Dec 04

Radical Agenda EP070 – Fash The Nation

Jazzhands McFeels, host of TheRightStuff.biz‘s “Fash The Nation” joins the 70th episode of the Radical Agenda to discuss, well, we haven’t really hammered out a plan honestly, but the news is shit as usual. That usually makes for a good excuse to hash out ideas.

Radical Agenda EP070 - Fash The Nation

Radical Agenda EP070 – Fash The Nation

For example, women are officially eligible for full on front lines combat roles in the military. Isn’t that a great step forward for gender equality? Soon, your wife, sister, or daughter, will have the choice to join the military, and throw herself upon the gears of the war machine. She will finally have the choice to pick up a rifle and confront religious fanatics who think death is an upgrade in some third world shithole. If she is captured, she can become their rape slave.

But of course, choice doesn’t quite bring women up to full equality. Equality was never about freedom, mind you. Equality is all about force, and so what better way to bring about equality, than to force women into the military? And since this is a matter of equality, we don’t even need the legislature. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in Pasadena, California will hear a case this coming Tuesday challenging gender discrimination in the selective service. Under the Military Selective Service Act, males must register 30 days after their 18th birthday with the Selective Service System, which could call upon them for compulsory military service in a time of war. They must stay registered until their 26th birthday. The National Coalition for Men is challenging the gender discrimination of the system.

Just in time for World War III, ladies and gentlemen. Are you ready to do what is necessary to stop this madness?

In other news, a rapist cop got shot in the neck. Another cop said he got a racist death threat, but as it turns out, he wrote the letter. Joining the workforce is making women miserable. And a couple of transgender lovebirds reach a heartbreaking conclusion.

Things are obviously going to hell in a handbasket. Is fashism the answer?

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