Dec 07

Radical Agenda EP071 – No Peace

Whether it’s governments waging wars, abortionists chopping up babies for parts, Islamists shooting up the office Christmas party, or just your good old black on black crime, one thing is certain. We live in violent and dangerous world.

Radical Agenda EP071 - No Peace

Radical Agenda EP071 – No Peace

It should come as no surprise to any of us then, that there are people who find this quite disturbing. We might even perhaps consider it understandable that people would seek to deny the very reality of the situation, and live off in some kind of fantasy world. That would be fine, if they weren’t given the ballot box by which to enforce their fantasy world on the rest of us.

I wrote yesterday of a rather grim outlook for libertarians. Even if they eschew both ballot and bullet, can the reality detached fool really be considered innocent? When one takes to wires and airwaves to spread ideas contrary to reality, which result inevitably in catastrophic outcomes, political action, and death – is it not the equivalent of recklessly waving a gun around? Is throwing liberals out of helicopters, just for being liberals, justice?

No doubt, a bunch of autistic left libertarians are lined up around the block to tell me no. Her kneejerk reaction is “free speech” as if that means a damn thing. She will say “that’s not libertarian” as if that were an argument. Thus she is helicopter worthy.

But perhaps I’m just in a dark (enlightenment) place right now. Perhaps by the time the show airs I’ll cheer up. I don’t even know why I make these blog posts. In other news, 44 boys is too many, say a bunch of young twats who are thankfully too young to vote. Julie Borowski responds. Despite a total narrative collapse over the San Bernardino shooting, Barack Obama continues to coddle Islamists and try to ban guns. Is this an attempt by r-selected liberal vermin to introduce more random mortality into the habitat?

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  • Harry Skip Robinson

    I’m not sure I know what a left libertarian is. I can’t ever remember hearing the phrase from any major socio-economic source. Most well informed libertarians also know that the left/right graph is poor at delineating the various political positions and thus use the X-Y graph measure using social and economic liberties for the measurement.

  • ChanzaLando

    Cantwell’s butthurt that the neighbor didn’t “see something say something” about those “islamists”. What’s an Islamist? An adherent of Islamism? Is it something Christianists concocted in their wildest nightmares?

    Logic has left Cantwell Labs. The man is now a full-on traitor.

    – openly supporting a fascist police state sympathesizer who promises to make executive order to execute anyone who (even rightfully) kills a cop.


    – openly supporting the targeting, profiling, harassment, roundup and relocation of ethnic/religious groups, the vast majority of which are peaceful people (but to Cantwell they are all just collateral damage).

    TRAITOR and explicit violation of the NAP against people who’ve harmed no one.

    – openly supports a plantation lock-down at the “borders”, making it much harder to escape and turning the “country” into a permanent prison.


    – In the ultimate display of cuckery, he laps at the heels of an openly fascist oligarch, sabre-rattling warmonger, actor, and corporatist kingpin (vice law billionaire), whose statements directly echo the ethnic cleansing sentiments of history’s most lethal tyrants.

    TRAITOR. House-nigger, Massah Trump needs yo help! #CantwellNeedsAKing

    – Believes “Border Control” is somehow effective and not largely an act of Police State aggression on peaceful people, yet claims to understand the bullshit of “Gun Control”, “Drug Control”, and all other methods of failing to “control” a problem by State force.

    HYPOCRITE. When people point out his hypocrisy he calls them names and abandons reason. If their lucky he may use self-defeating arguments or circular logic like “well they are going to do border control anyway, so I may as well support it now” despite that border control has never stopped terrorism.

    Is this a man lacking self-knowledge? A hysterical fear-dripping cuck? or agent of the State?

    One thing is for certain. It’s pathetic and despicable to see thinking grown men debase themselves to terrified house-nigger looking to kings to be their daddy and spank the “bad guys”. This is coming from someone who used to respect your work and defended your work against attempts at ostracism and ridicule by cuckbertarians.

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