Dec 09

Radical Agenda EP072 – Disqualified

I hate to turn this into the Donald Trump program, but I’m a commentator on current events, and you can’t blame me if this guy dominates the headlines. Alright? On with it.

Donald Trump has really rustled some jimmies as of late. He wants to put a stop to Muslim immigration into the United States. Not only that, but he said so in a manner that completely disregarded the safe space protected feels of the liberal media, and they are in an uproar.

Radical Agenda EP072 - Disqualified

Radical Agenda EP072 – Disqualified

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Trump’s comments were “disqualifying” and that a man who said such things would be unfit for the White House. He also said that other Republican presidential candidates, who have pledged to support the person who eventually wins their party’s nomination, should disavow Trump “right now.”

That sure is helpful advice for the Republican Party, coming from the mouthpiece of Barack Obama. House Speaker Paul Ryan said “This is not conservatism.” Trump’s fellow presidential candidate, Lindsay Graham (who has about as much a chance of winning the presidency as I) said “Tell Donald Trump to go to hell“.

The good news is, this gives me a fantastic excuse to use my new favorite word ad nauseum. This cuckery must end.

Barack Obama has been killing Muslims for his entire presidency. Every presidential candidate with enough polling to make a debate stage, pledges to kill Muslims during their presidency. So I am completely sick and tired of listening to these murderers tell me about their sincere compassion for the Muslim people as some excuse to invite them into the country!

This immigration scam is a government program. The fact that so many people who would consider themselves freedom oriented still continue to support the refugee and immigration mania while it is endorsed by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Lindsay Graham, and all manner of warmonger lunatics, is beyond all rational comprehension. Mass influx of foreigners creates conflict, and that conflict is used as an excuse for war, and gun control and all manner of lunatic government action. The only time the government ever begins talking about “freedom” is when it is something they expect to lead to conflict amongst the populace which they can then use for a power grab. It is so insanely obvious you would have to suffer from some kind of disorder not to see it. Autism, perhaps.

There’s plenty more in the news, of course, but I just need to get this blog post out there, we’ll discuss the rest on air and take your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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