Dec 11

Radical Agenda EP073 – Gunplay

I bought an AK-47 yesterday. A Century Arms WASR10. It came with two 30 round mags and a sling. I’ve been long overdue for a semi-automatic rifle for awhile now. My gun collection is really quite pathetic for a revolutionary. Just the .38 special revolver you see on my desk during shows, and a rather unimpressive 12 gauge shotgun I keep near the bed.

Radical Agenda EP073 - Gunplay

Radical Agenda EP073 – Gunplay

We’re always hearing rumblings about gun control coming down the pipe. Thankfully a Republican congress has kept somewhat of a leash on Obama since 2010, but that doesn’t stop our omnipotent executive from trying to expand background checks by executive order, and pull whatever other treachery he can against American gun owners without ending up in prison or at the end of a rope. Yesterday I heard that Connecticut governor  Dannel P. Malloy was planning to issue an executive order in his state to ban firearms sales to people on government watch lists.

I’m pretty sure I’m on some of those lists, and so rather than wait for the feds to take such a step, I made the investment last night. I literally went to the supermarket for eggs and a pork roast, and just decided to go to the gun store and buy an assault rifle on my way home. It was kind of fuckin fantastic.

I can smell the envy of our European listeners all the way this side of the pond. You guys need to get the hell over here and gear up for the fucking insurrection.

In other news, I committed a reverse gang rape on some cucks the other night. There will be no sanity in the next GOP debate. Some California liberals died in some sort of incident involving a helicopter. African leaders say whitey owes them money because climate change. Hillary Clinton is bringing gay porno to a television near you. Ron Paul is fucking autistic. And a trending transgression I’ve been meaning to get to for awhile now, as two transgender teens suffer a devastating breakup.

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