Dec 16

Radical Agenda EP075 – Catastrophe

If I never hear the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” again, it will be too soon. I could barely pay attention to last night’s GOP debate, as the content becomes less and less relevant due to an absurd insistence on keeping nobody candidates in the running. As I burned DVDs, and chatted on Mumble with the guys from TheRightStuff.biz, I heard them utter their nonsensical catchphrases over and over again between promises to keep America safe. Previously I had offered commentary during the debates as a podcast, but until they drop some of these idiots, there is no point. I’ve heard quite enough of John Kasich pretending he should be taken seriously, and as much as I would love a Rand Paul presidency, he is not a serious candidate and CNN bending the rules to let him in was worse than Carly Fiorina’s affirmative action presence at their last debate.

With things this out of whack, it should come as no surprise that concerns of a zombie apocalypse have made their way into a major medical journal. While corpses becoming reanimated and the dead walking amongst us are not likely, the study suggests certain prevalent pathogens could create a similar outcome. Good thing I bought an AK-47 in time for the happening. On the upside, this could bring about a new renaissance, I’ll explain on air.

Radical Agenda EP075 - Catastrophe

Radical Agenda EP075 – Catastrophe

If things get bad enough, cybersoldiers could be deployed. That is kind of scary because cybersoldiers tend to obey orders even if they are horrifyingly evil. On the other hand, I prefer robot soldiers to female ones.

Which brings us to our guest, she goes by “Wife with a Purpose” on Twitter, and runs the blog “Nordic Sunrise“. She had an interesting video about the “Ordained Women’s Movement” within her church, and why she thinks that is a bad idea, which is what made me want to have her on the show. We’ll discuss a variety of gender issues when she comes on from 5:30-6:30.

In the trending transgressions segment, a 46 year old man decided to abandon his 7 children to live his life as a 6 year old girl.

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