Dec 18

Radical Agenda EP076 – Moore Please

According to Michael Moore, “We are all Muslim“. Isn’t that great? I suppose ISIS can call it a day and stop raping Yazidi women and chopping the heads off of infidels. Thanks to this leftist fanatic, the entire world has finally converted to Islam and the Caliphate has finally come to fruition!

Jeffrey Tucker is somehow under the impression that Trump’s rise is a huge victory for the left. Because, you know, what the left has always wanted was for racism to become socially acceptable and a billionaire crony capitalist to become the most powerful man on the planet. Jeff says he would be really happy about this, if he were a leftist, but oddly he continues to insist that he isn’t one.

Radical Agenda EP076 - Moore Please

Radical Agenda EP076 – Moore Please

Now, Michael Moore might be a little off base saying that we are all Muslim, but if Congress gets their way, he might just be ahead of schedule. The new omnibus spending bill, complete with the Paul Ryan stamp of approval, intends to import more Muslims than there are Republican voters in Iowa. That is quite the heavy thumb on quite the small scale, why a Republican Speaker of the House would approve of such a measure after explicitly promising not to, well, I may have to break out the tinfoil to speculate.

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