Dec 23

Radical Agenda EP078 – Schlonged

I don’t think we’ll spend a great deal of time on the subject of the headline, I just love the word. Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton got schlonged by Barack Obama in the 2012 Democratic primary, setting off a liberal firestorm of politically correct anal bleeding. Images of a black rapist dominating a white woman in a contest over who could be the greatest liberal demagogue sent liberals reeling into knee jerk conniptions unsure of which particular trigger to focus on first. Rape culture? Racism? Or should we just break out the cheese graters and launch into a full on masturbatory session?

Radical Agenda EP078 - Schlonged

Radical Agenda EP078 – Schlonged

Speaking of Donald Trump, FactCheck.org said he is the “Whopper of the Year” for getting the number of Muslim’s celebrating 9/11 on American streets wrong. They apparently think this is a bigger lie than Hillary Clinton claiming to be “completely transparent” about her totally secret private email server which she feloniously sent classified information over. No political bias there!

But in reality, the problem with Donald Trump is not that he lies, all politicians do that of course. It’s not even that he is a Republican, or that he wants to ban Muslims. It’s not his wealth or his political incorrectness. The real problem is, he’s a white male, and white males must be stopped in order to save the planet, according to Salon. The CEO of Sam’s Club seems to agree.

In other news, Christmas carols are racist, Black Lives Matter intends to chimpout on Mall of America despite court order, Sandra Bland was a stupid bitch who took her own life and still blamed whitey, ready your gender neutral pronouns, Cop Block’s attempt at redemption, plus, your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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