Dec 24

Radical Agenda EP079 – Christmas Peeve

It’s the Radical Agenda Christmas eve extraordinaire! Yes, tonight millions of children will be tucked into bed, told that a magical man will break into their homes and put presents under their trees. Parents will eat the cookies the children left out, and intentionally leave crumbs behind in hopes of convincing their kids of the scam.

Radical Agenda EP079 - Christmas Peeve

Radical Agenda EP079 – Christmas Peeve

This will go on for a number of years before the kids get wise, threaten to tell their siblings, and the parents bribe them to keep their mouths shut.

This will inevitably teach the child that lying is a great way to treat the people you love. He or she will grow up thinking that the people who tell the biggest lies, cover them up the best, and carry them on the longest, are the people who love them the most.

Then they’ll go vote, and I’m sure we can expect all the best to come of this. It’s worked out spectacular so far, after all. I’m not trying to tell anybody how to raise their kids, I’m just riffing.

Back on the Thanksgiving episode, I was feeling sorta melancholy about not being with my family. This Christmas though, I can say with a good degree of certainty that I’m quite happy not to be with my family.

I’ve hated Christmas ever since I found out Santa wasn’t real. I remember asking my mother “So if Santa is fake, then Jesus is fake too, right?” But my mother insisted that Jesus was the real deal, and I remember thinking how ridiculous that was since I had all this evidence of Santa in the form of gifts. I doubted Jesus from the first time I was told the story and I never bought it, even at the earliest ages. So to me, Christmas was always a lie. The presents were enough to keep me interested for a number of years, but as I got older the gifts became part of the problem.

My parents wanted so badly to present this image of the perfect family which we most assuredly were not. There was a code of conduct to be adhered to which somebody always broke in one way or another and my mother would stare daggers. Gift giving time was little more than an act of bribery, and even at the best time of my career I was never able to afford gifts for my parents which would even the playing field and restore the balance of power in the extortion ritual of Christmas presents.

Last year I left the family Christmas party, and I haven’t seen them since. That sounds sad, but I actually feel pretty good about it. Especially given what happened the year before, which I’ll talk about on the show tonight.

Plus, we’ve got some news stories, some special Christmas songs, and of course, your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

Join us tonight, Thursday December 24th from 5-7pm Eastern for this special Christmas Eve episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like telling the truth.

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