Dec 25

Radical Agenda EP080 – Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal

I hope you’re all enjoying this fine holiday with your family, but in case your not, feel free to join us for a special Radical Agenda holiday commiseration.

Radical Agenda EP080 - Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal

Radical Agenda EP080 – Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal

I mentioned last night that I hate Christmas. On the other hand, I love that it pisses off liberals. Anything which makes a leftist twitch is alright with me. Liberals just plain cannot enjoy anything decent, they can only celebrate degeneracy and destruction.

I mean, even the weather is a problem for these people. As was the case yesterday, today is one of the warmest Christmases on record in the Northeast. Personally, I think that’s fantastic. A “huwhite” Christmas is a fine thing to look at and all, but I live in New Hampshire so every warm December day is a gift, and I’m surrounded by huwhite people anyway. Liberals of course see warm weather and immediately think “I must raise taxes to stop this”.

The Fort Hood “Hug Lady” has died. She was some old bat who made a meme of herself by giving hugs to soldiers as they left for or returned from combat. Which seems like a really sweet thing to most people, but I’m pretty sure she was just trying to get laid. We’re all probably better off without her.

Pope Francis is the most thoroughly cucked pope in history. He is calling for “mercy” in Syria and elsewhere, totally ignoring the fact that “mercy” is exactly the reason these god damn conflicts have raged on for so long. It would be a downright decent thing of him to get up and say “Bring your god damn soldiers home and stop killing people!” but like most left wing fanatics he just can’t refuse all that carnage and government spending. Instead, he wants to continue the slow bleeding of perpetual planetary warfare.

There are more stories to get to, more personal details to share, several highly entertaining musical breaks, and I even put together a very special cucktober segment that you do not want to miss. A polyamorous New Hampshire couple takes to the airwaves to discuss their “Tinder Activism”, spreading the message of freedom and cuckery through online dating.

All this and more, plus your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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