Dec 28

Radical Agenda EP081 – Boot Pledge Riot

The end is near. The end of 2015, that is. We’re just getting started, as is the decline of Western civilization and the American empire.

Radical Agenda EP081 - Boot Pledge Riot

Radical Agenda EP081 – Boot Pledge Riot

Remember when Barack Obama ended the war? Me neither. Which war you ask? Well, that’s a complex subject. From Afghanistan to Cameroon and beyond, Barack Obama has deployed special forces for “clandestine” missions throughout the world. In typical Democrat style, Barack Obama stirs conflict globally, while simultaneously sending just enough soldiers to keep the conflict going – rather than the overwhelming force necessary to end them. The problem has gotten so bad that Russia says he is “imitating” a fight against ISIS.

The Republican Party has a new rule, you have to be a Republican to vote in the Republican primary. Well, not exactly. You just have to say you are, actually.

Donald Trump is none too happy about this. As he sees it, this disenfranchises independents and other voters – demographics that could be central to a Trump primary victory.

Gonna have to disagree with you on this one, Donald. Open primaries are a problem and the Republican party would do well to disenfranchise as many voters as humanly possible. This measure doesn’t go nearly far enough. Left wing retards voting in Republican primaries is how we end up with candidates like Mitt Romney. That’s why the Republican party has been suffering, not because they are too exclusive.

Over a thousand “teens” rioted at a mall in Louisville, Kentucky on the day after Christmas. Approximately 50 police showed up trying to restore order, but made zero arrests amidst fights, looting, and possible gunfire – due to the sheer number of unruly young people taking part in the fray. The mall was forced to close early over the incident. We will expose to you the racist media narrative.

In the trending transgressions segment, primary school students as young as four years old are attempting to change their gender in the UK, and it appears to be becoming a trend. What could possibly go wrong?

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