Dec 30

Radical Agenda EP082 – Spy vs. Spy

You may have heard, the United States has a bit of an electronic surveillance apparatus. We are assured in perpetuity that it is used in the most responsible way possible to protect our privacy and keep us safe, of course. If you have an IQ of around 85, you might even believe it. If you’re a little bit smarter, you might see it as something straight out of a George Orwell nightmare. If you’re a cucked US Congressperson doing the bidding of a foreign government, you might see it as something that could (or should) get you put on trial for treason.

Radical Agenda EP082 - Spy vs. Spy

Radical Agenda EP082 – Spy vs. Spy

It was recently revealed In US efforts to spy on Israeli heads of state, phone calls between the highest level of the Jewish state and members of the US Congress were also recorded. Sadly, the revelation has not yet led to the hanging of any of our federal overlords, nor has it led to the US dropping support of our greatest source of foreign conflict. It does however raise a lot of interesting issues in the relationship between the United States and Israel, which we’ll discuss.

In other spy news, China passed an “anti-terror” surveillance law that the United States says goes too far. Predictably, the Chinese government called this condemnation hypocritical.

All that spy apparatus was apparently not enough to prevent an Iranian rocket from coming dangerously close to a US Naval vessel. That seems awful provocative. I’ve got an idea! Let’s invite more Iranians into the country to show them how tolerant we are!

Pataki has officially dropped out of the Republican presidential primary. This comes as a great relief to people who actually liked the former New York State governor. Many had simply assumed he died in his sleep, since he had become irrelevant well prior to the announcement.

In other news, California is coming for your gunsNew Hampshire is coming for your tits, the gays are coming for your money, and we are taking your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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