Jan 06

Radical Agenda EP085 – Molon Labe!

Q. How do you make a liberal cry?

A. How much time you got?

It’s not a difficult thing to do, really. Just tell the truth, express a preference, own guns, earn money, vote Republican, or defend yourself. This list could get kind of long. Liberals are prone to tears, and that is perhaps the only good thing about them. I hate liberals, but watching them cry is one of life’s more enjoyable vices. I got out of the drug scene years ago, I’ve even got a little alcohol abstinence under my belt. But until they are all dead I will never stop loving liberal tears.

Radical Agenda EP085 - Molon Labe!

Radical Agenda EP085 – Molon Labe!

Watching Barack Obama wipe liquid crocodiles from his worthless commie face was about the only enjoyment I was able to get out of yesterday’s press conference though. The President announced coming executive orders that would add hundreds of welfare recipients, I mean, federal employees to our tax burden in an effort to make sure fewer the same exact background check system we’ve had for years remains overstaffed and completely pointless. Basically, it is now illegal to print business cards if you want to sell guns.

The whole thing is pointless political posturing to rally leftists behind the Democratic nominee in 2016, but I expect it to backfire. Guns are now a top tier political issue. I would take a pro-gun commie Muslim over an anti-gunner of any variety, and I don’t imagine I’m alone in this. All your other political and social horseshit goes out the window once you lose the guns. As long as you’re armed, you can always shoot the bastards.

Leftists know that, and that’s why they want us disarmed and surrounded by predators.

Speaking of predators, a thousand invaders figured rape and sexual assault would be a great way to ring in the new current year in Germany. Don’t worry though, this has nothing to do with immigration, it’s just some sort of organized crime ring that uses rape as a distraction to rob people.

Speaking of rape, it’s legal in Syria now. But you have to follow the rules.

On the subject of selling women, some degenerate Free Stater leftist wants to legalize prostitution in New HampshireState Representative Elizabeth Edwards, D-Hillsborough, is sponsoring a bill that would remove the criminal penalty for prostitution among adults if it is consensual. Like our previous discussion about “Free The Nipple” this initially appeals to the libertarian in me. I have no problem confessing that in my younger years I had actually acquired the services of some workin’ gals.

But strategically, left libertarians gaining power in the Democratic party and using that power to promote degenerate behaviors, while doing nothing to reduce the State’s burden on the economy, seems like a thing worth discouraging. A look at Elizabeth’s sponsored bills shows almost the entirety of her agenda in the house pertains to vice and prisons.

A double whammy for you on the Trending Transgressions segment. A man abandons his pursuit of the impossible, after sexual reassignment surgery fails to change his chromosomes. It’s a harrowing tail of child abuse, genital mutilation, and untreated mental illness that is sure to make you cringe.

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