Jan 11

Radical Agenda EP087 – Censored

I got banned from Facebook again, this time for the horrific thought crime of defending rape victims. Yes, for saying that Germans should be armed and able to protect themselves against foreign rape gangs, I was silenced. Good luck trying to call this violence or racism or any of the other normal excuses, you report happy liberal filth. This is flat out politically motivated censorship.

Radical Agenda EP087 - Censored

Radical Agenda EP087 – Censored

That’s why you can’t “play fair” with leftists. Trying to adhere to a standard of conduct, or rules of engagement which your enemy does not adhere to is not dignified or noble or honorable, it is surrender. No benefit is gained by forfeiting one’s fate to his political enemies in the name of principles. You have to suppress the left, and until there is no State in power, you have to use the State to do it. There is no honor in treating your enemies better than they treat your allies.

That’s why I am so happy to announce the return of the Anarcho-Lobbyist series. If you’ve been reading/listening for awhile, you may recall I used to attend legislative committee meetings before the New Hampshire state legislature, and post videos of it to YouTube. Well, it’s that time again! Tomorrow I will be testifying at committees pertaining to free speech on college campuses, a registry of heroin users, child custody matters, and Uber type transportation services. For the few couple months, these will be regularly attended and posted for your enjoyment.

But this year, there is a twist. Last year, all the testimony I gave was specifically to restrain, limit, or abolish a State power. This year, I will actively campaign to suppress the left using the force of the State. I will not support drugs, public nudity, or other degenerate behaviors. Rather, I will actively campaign to make life miserable for liberals in New Hampshire until they run for their lives and go back to whatever communist shithole they crawled out of. Or until the Right Wing Death Squads are deputized, whichever comes first.

In other news, I mixed it up with Paul Elam and Dean Esmay from A Voice for Men on Twitter the last couple of days. They were planning to do a hitpiece on the Alt Right, but ended up delaying it “due to illness” (hopefully one or both of them are dying of AIDS). I was going to dedicated this episode to the cuckery going on in MRA circles, but I think this better saved for a later episode when I can Cucktober their stupid podcast.

That and much more, plus your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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