Jan 16

Radical Agenda EP090 – Check 1,2

Usually I post these things in advance to try and build up anticipation for the live shows, but this morning I was troubleshooting some new equipment and decided to turn it into a full on live show. Well, not full on perhaps. It was about half the normal length, but we went through some stories, took some calls, and eventually got everything working.

Radical Agenda EP090 - Check 1,2

Radical Agenda EP090 – Check 1,2

I used to do this show using a couple of Core 2 Duo processor computers with 2GB RAM each. Predictably, this resulted in some trouble from time to time. I recently bought two new machines, both with 16GB RAM and i7 quad core processors. Still I had trouble, and ended up replacing the sound card in the broadcast machine. Now we’re perfect!

Well, we suck, but the equipment works, anyway.

In other news, Sweden is giving military training to their invaders, while Switzerland is literally trying to teach them not to rape. The coming crisis will make the 2008 recession look tame by comparison, and of course, your calls.

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