Jan 20

Radical Agenda EP092 – Cuddle Party

If you find yourself incapable of building intimate relationships or getting other people to touch you softly, there is a service available to you. Cuddle parties. Gone are the days when one’s need for human companionship drove them to build and maintain healthy relationships, get married and raise children.

Radical Agenda EP092 - Cuddle Party

Radical Agenda EP092 – Cuddle Party

Today if you want sex, you watch porn, swipe on Tinder, or hire a prostitute. But of course, short of paying a premium for the genuine “GFE” or “Girlfriend Experience” this leaves much lacking in the intimacy department. This is where “cuddle parties” come into play.

Cuddling releases oxytocin, our feel-good hormone made in the brain, reducing blood pressure and stress. It plays a huge role in pair bonding, and if you lack it, you’re likely living a miserable existence. But if the monogamy thing isn’t for you, a bunch of left wing fanatics in your city might be organizing a cuddle party to help get you a fix while simultaneously cramming liberal nonsense down your throat.

In other news, Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump, and speculation abounds that he might tap her. You know, as a running mate, that is. The Donald won’t rule it out, but he also doesn’t “think that it would be something that she’d want to do.” With the Iowa caucuses just days away and Ted Cruz gaining on Trump in the polls, the endorsement could be a game changer.

Plus, a male feminist is going on strike until the gender pay gap is legislated out of existence. Half of Americans think race relations are getting worse, I suppose the other half are complete idiots. If you mention this fact, you’ll probably be banned from Facebook. The left wing love affair with regulation has finally found its way to the abortion industryAcross the pond, Norway is teaching invaders how not to rape.

In economic news, everything is going straight to hell. Stocks continue to slide along with oil. Consumer prices and commodities are down as well. Bitcoin is back on the rise, contrasting the assertions of a former lead developer that the popular cryptocurrency has failed.

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