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Radical Agenda EP093 – Skirts

Rapists, terrorists, and foreign invaders of all stripes are surely terrified after the people of Amsterdam took a bold stand against rampant sexual assault complaints across Europe. Rather than give into fear and demand their governments stop subsidizing their own invasion, these men took to the streets in skirts to protest sexism and xenophobia. That’s right, rather than stand and fight the androcentric culture that is utterly dominating and taking over their civilization, they put on women’s clothing and marched through the streets without the slightest  hint of shame.

Radical Agenda EP093 - Skirts

Radical Agenda EP093 – Skirts

Speaking of skirts, in a spectacular display of Conquest’s Second Law of Politics, Paul Elam is interviewing tranny MRA’s now. Because, you know, what better way to prove men are victims than to reach out to men who cut off their dicks and started taking estrogen just to escape the perils of manhood? In this special Cucktober edition, we’ll hear Paul and Blaire White discuss pronouns, bathrooms, and chromosomes in a manner that makes nails on a chalkboard seem more like porno music.

And speaking of people who no longer call themselves men, the editors at the National Review have officially relinquished any claim to such a title. In a compilation titled “Against Trump” the cuckservative publication has thrown everything they have into bashing the frontrunner of the Republican presidential primary. Given some of Trump’s economic stances and history of supporting Democrats, you might almost think a conservative publication would be on solid ground in such an opposition. But if their concern were about Trump’s conservative credentials, why didn’t we see such an opposition to Obamacare architect Mitt Romney in 2012?

The answer is quite simple. We increasingly find ourselves living in societies dominated by feminine thought. Whether this is carried forward by actual women, trannies, or feminized men who are incapable of producing enough testosterone to grow a bit of chest hair, it is tearing our civilization apart. Civilizations need men and masculinity, not just for reproduction and war, but for the basic day to day functions of a society. Without masculinity, they will be overrun by a society not so lacking in the hormones of domination.

For these reasons and others, I found it quite amusing that I was recently negatively quoted in Playboy Magazine. Steve Friess insists that “To Survive, Libertarianism Must Become More Than A Free-Market Frat House” with the implication that the male dominated nature of our movement is its weakness, and that the philosophy must change to be more accommodating to the other half of the population. Friess quotes my 2014 piece titled “Why Does Libertarianism Lack Ethnic/Gender Diversity?” where I said;

Libertarianism does not address race, gender, religion, sexuality, or any other class the left would like to see protected from offense. Nor should it. Libertarianism makes the radical assertion that these subjects are irrelevant outside of our own personal preferences, and that our own personal preferences are not how the whole of human society should be organized. So the short answer to libertarian diversity is, I don’t care, and neither should you.


To which Friess insists;

Straight white men who find efforts to appeal to people different from themselves unbecoming may congratulate one another for standing on principle. Perhaps as their numbers dwindle and their influence wanes, they can sit together in their sad little internet chat rooms and whisper, “We’ll always have Tampa.”

What Friess, Elam, NRO, the Amsterdam protesters, and so many others fail to see in all of this is the obvious implication that femininity’s stranglehold on the body politic, is actually the problem and masculine dominance is the only hope of redemption. A society that puts men in skirts, amputates penises, and dedicates all of its energies to bringing down alpha males, will become little more than a historical oddity that future generations look back on as an example of what to avoid.

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  • The Dead Baron (Dindu Nathan’)

    No more Elam, please. The guy is fucking intolerable, even in the context of you verbally butt-raping him.
    Seriously. I had to turn the show off.

    • The Dead Baron (Dindu Nathan’)

      Ditto for Ian Freeman. These fucking people are intolerable. The libertarian “oven-garde”.

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