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Radical Agenda EP098 – It’s Happening!

The Free State Project has officially reached its goal of convincing 20,000 “liberty minded people” to sign a pledge that they will move to New Hampshire within 5 years. This “triggers the move” for the largest libertarian political migration on planet Earth, and soon, some indeterminable number of pledge signers will descend upon the Granite State.

Radical Agenda EP098 - It's Happening!

Radical Agenda EP098 – It’s Happening!

Some celebrate, others dread, and still others wait anxiously to see what will become of it.

Will the project be a complete flop? After more than a decade of failing to recruit movers, tactics shifted which included paying activists per signature for pledges to move. It is entirely possible many of those who have pledged to move had no idea what they were signing, or that they knew but had no intention of making the move. Perhaps very few people will even show up.

Will the move bring actual libertarians? The other shift in tactics included pandering to the left. Reason Magazine’s list of FSP accomplishments predictably thus focuses on gay marriage, Narcan legalization, and medical marijuana type issues, while gun, property, and economic issues have gone largely ignored. As we speak the big issues are making democracy more hyperinclusive, legalizing prostitution, and female toplessness. We could be looking at an invasion of leftists that will be wholly hostile to liberty in the big picture.

Or will the cooler heads who waited for “the move” be more conservative than the “early movers” which consisted largely of poverty stricken pothead liberals? Perhaps when people who actually have something to lose come here, the focus will shift back to actual freedom instead of rampant degeneracy.

My prediction? Absent intervention it will be a disaster, but there is hope. Most of these people are not ideologues. They have a loose preference for less government in their lives and that has the potential to be a good thing, but they require guidance. That guidance will only be received if it is perceived to be socially advantageous. If the new movers come here, and are greeted by left wing ideologues who shun and ostracize the right, then those new movers will act in concert with the left, and New Hampshire will meet the same fate as all Earth’s other liberal hellholes. A relatively small counterbalance of reality attached, successful, capable, conservative libertarians will clearly be a more attractive alternative to drug addled petrulli drenched transgender hippies. Sadly, that counterbalance does not presently exist, and family oriented financially successful people are far less likely to pack it all up and move for political purposes, than the rent seeking liberal hordes who have descended upon the state thus far.

On the political front, Rand Paul has dropped out of the 2016 Republican presidential primary following his dismal defeat in Iowa. Rather than gloat, I’d like to congratulate Dr. Paul on his good sense. This was his best decision since running for the Senate. Dr. Paul could have been the next president of the United States, but his effort to seem more moderate than his father, costed him the election. Americans are angry, they are looking for an outsider to kick down the doors in Washington and change things radically and without apology. That’s why Donald Trump is leading the pack, and why Ted Cruz is his primary competitor. After all, if we want to negotiate with the warhawks, we have plenty of options in that field, and if we wanted to pander to liberals, we’d be Democrats.

In the latest Trending Transgressions, a boy becomes a Girl Scout, and uses his politically favored gender confusion to extort cookies sales from the public.

In the Black History Month segment, a single mother of 15 children says “somebody needs to be held accountable” for her inability to provide for her children. But it’s not who you might expect.

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