Feb 05

Radical Agenda EP099 – Showdown

Finally! Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton went to the mattresses last night on MSNBC in a knock down drag out contest to see who could more efficiently con the American people into handing the entirety of their lives over to the United States Federal Government. It went well beyond the normal “I’ll gibsudat” of the prior debates, descending into personal attacks and questions of judgement and integrity. It was a brutal war of words between a felon and a communist, each daring the other to say something even more ridiculous.

Radical Agenda EP099 - Showdown

Radical Agenda EP099 – Showdown

I had entered this primary season thinking Sanders’s greatest threat was that he would radicalize the Democratic party. I never had imagined he might actually win the nomination. But last night, not only did I realize I was wrong, but so did Hillary Clinton. The look on her face throughout the debate was one of sheer panic, realizing for the first time that it might not be her turn to be president of the United States.

You know the Democratic Party, and by extension America, is in big trouble when Hillary Clinton tries to sound like the voice of reason. You don’t often hear Democrats trying to make mathematical and economic sense out of their generous social welfare programs, but Sanders had Clinton on the ropes as he promised the people everything, and Clinton tried to insert mathematical reason into the discussion. The party’s scheme has backfired, mathematical reason is no longer part of the Democratic discussion. The people are in love with Bernie’s promises of free health care, education, and a Unicorn for every child.

Speaking of unrealistic ideas, Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live fame will be joining me in studio today. Ian has been the topic of discussion a few times as of late, which is probably why “Cantwell’s 1st Irregulars”, an unofficial guerrilla troll group started by fans of the program, have descended upon the LRN.fm chatroom making hell for various show hosts throughout the network. I’m certain that his unique perspective on the issues will make for a lively discussion today, and boy do we have a lot of issues to discuss. Tell us about yours at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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  • The Dead Baron (Dindu Nathan’)

    Ian is well-intentioned but extremely deluded. I don’t dislike him as much as I thought I did, initially.
    But I hope Chris bitch – slaps some sense into him, soon-ish.

    We could be allies, Ian. Stop being a faggot.

    • Manilo

      Ian is your basic-bitch cucktarian, a dupe for the left. Most of libertarians are like that, unfortunately, just useful idiots for the left.

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