Feb 08

Radical Agenda EP100 – Internet Aristocracy

Mr. Metokur, AKA Jim, FKA Internet Aristocrat guest co-hosts the 100th episode of Radical Agenda on the eve of the New Hampshire presidential primary which, like the Iowa caucuses, is predicted to have a record turn out. There is so much to talk about, I’m finding it difficult to predict what direction we’ll end up taking.

Radical Agenda EP100 - Internet Aristocracy

Radical Agenda EP100 – Internet Aristocracy

Social Justice Warriors are ruining tech. We’ve already talked about Ellen Pao and her efforts to ruin reddit, now GitHub is crumbling under the weight of a “Social Impact” task force so hell bent on “diversity” that it has become “almost impossible” to “interview white people” for jobs. Jim says he has been doing research into who is trying to destroy the IT industry, and it will blow your mind when you hear it. Between feminists demanding the UN act to stop people from disagreeing with feminists online, Facebook censoring anyone who talks bad about “refugees” in Europe, and Twitter’s new policies of cracking down on “extremism” are we headed for an Internet Aristocracy of a wholly different variety than Jim’s old pseudonym implied?

Let’s hope not, because letting leftists control vast segments of the economy has far more harmful impacts than simply stifling the fun of problematic shitlords like us. Whenever the seats of power are filled by reality detached fools, bad decisions are made that affect all of us. Take Greece for example. Their egalitarian efforts and the catastrophic outcomes are no surprise to this audience. The government there has run itself so badly into debt that even the other socialist governments of Europe have said “enough is enough”. The Greek stock market is today in free fall, ahead of the realization that the government must choose between social unrest, and more austerity, which of course will cause social unrest. That impact was also felt across Europe, and with interest rates already in the red, it is difficult to imagine a positive outcome.

There’s quite a bit more to discuss of course, and we’ll get to as much of it as possible, plus your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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  • Great show, Chris, thanks for letting me air my grievance against what to me seems like a far too over simplified view of the democracy versus monarchy question. Thank you also for being so patient with my rudeness in constantly interrupting you. I understand that you couldn’t let me monopolize the whole show, so you couldn’t let me explain the connection between a limited republic based on wealth rather than voting and the ideal of anarcho-capitalism. Voting would be waited by the amount of money a voter contributed, one dollar one vote. The only reason for even having a state is to protect the borders, both militarily and from mass migrations. Since military organization is authoritarian in its nature, constitutional restrictions would be necessary, as well as some kind of standardized legal structure with due process of law and all that. Sorry I couldn’t spit all that out quickly enough for you, but first time talk show caller and all that happy horse shit. Thank you for letting me tell you off. You’r a real mensch. 😉

    • The take away from Bismarck’s regime in the German Empire as that a vast central bureaucracy combined with a welfare state was installed to maintain the authority of the Emperor, the King of Prussia. The FDR New Deal was a kind of carbon copy of that system, with a thin layer of Soviet (council in Russian) influence with the GOGs (councils on government) and the regional organizations used by the New Deal to facilitate it enactment at the State level. That is how America became an imitation of Bismark’s monarchic Germany. The big difference between the American system of limited government and what we have now is executive rule by means of a vast bureaucracy, pretending to be democratic. FDR taught the Democratic Party to use Bismarkian methods to gain control of the democracy. Public educations exists to keep the scam going. Democracy always devolves into monarchy. What we have in America now IS a monarchy, limited by a few vestiges of a formerly limited democratic republic in which the monarch is limited to two four year terms.