Feb 10

Radical Agenda EP101 – Victory

It feels good to win. It feels better to win big. Perhaps the best feeling, is winning big, and watching your enemies fear for their lives as they cry themselves to sleep. We got it all last night with Donald Trump’s victory in New Hampshire.

Radical Agenda EP101 - Victory

Radical Agenda EP101 – Victory

Cheering for libertarians is a constant exercise in martyrdom. I’m so sick and tired of wasting my time begging people to notice a candidate or idea nobody wants. I’m done with the intellectual thumb wrestling of autistic retards over leftist interpretations of the non-aggression principle. Now is the time to ruthlessly visit an abundance of misery and suffering on the left wing fanatics who conspire to reduce mankind to primitivism.

And if the covers of the NY Daily News, the Huffington Post, and other left wing media outlets are any indicator, that suffering is being felt immensely. Any notion that they ever gave a crap about the “will of the people” is now officially out the window. Anyone who disagrees with them on policy is by definition an evil racist and misogynist. Sound familiar?

Trump doesn’t give a crap about their stupid complaints, and that’s why he’s winning. The Romneys, McCains, and even Pauls the GOP has put up before him spent so much effort trying to convince people they weren’t racists that they could barely get a point across. Trump neutralizes the left wing media by telling them to go fuck themselves, and they are absolutely lost without that power.

On the other side, New Hampshire Democrats decided they would be better off with a communist than a felon. Sanders trounced Clinton effortlessly even as Bill called Sanders a sexist, likely with the smell of some other woman’s pussy still on his upper lip. The tactics of the Democrat establishment are backfiring on them, leaving Clinton scrambling to sound like the voice of reason in a party where reason is no longer part of the discussion. Bernie promises to give the country away, and Clinton tries to insert economic and mathematical sense into the equation. But nobody who has any sense of mathematical or economic reasoning is voting Democrat these days, so the effort is futile.

Clinton’s strategy now hinges on blacks coming to her rescue in southern states, but that’s a mere reliance on their ignorance, and her name recognition. She is assuming blacks don’t know who Bernie Sanders is, but Iowa and New Hampshire just tanked any possibility of that. Once they realize Bernie offers them more gibsmedats, Clinton is going to make Jim Gilmore look like a serious contender. And even all that assumes she isn’t in prison before November.

In other news, the Supreme Court tanked Obama’s climate change agenda. Japan joins the negative interest rate insanityTed Nugent blames the Jews for gun control, and the NRA is in a panic. A Black Lives Matter activist does the only honorable thing. Is it time to stop “glorifying” marriage? Can feminists enjoy rough sex? Find out, and let us know your opinions at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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