Feb 12

Radical Agenda EP102 – Antisocial Media

I’m into my third day banned from Twitter, with as yet no explanation or means of resolving the issue being made available to me. I thought Facebook was bad, but at least they told me why I was blocked and how long the block would last. It would seem that Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council” is not big on the transparency angle, but given the line up of leftist demagogues populating the council, this should come as no surprise.

Radical Agenda EP102 - Antisocial Media

Radical Agenda EP102 – Antisocial Media

Feminist Frequency, Anita Sarkeesian’s outfit has already testified before the United Nations calling for governments to censor the Internet to protect feminists’ feelings. Hollaback! is the lunatic outfit that put together the obnoxious “street harassment” video, which was later deemed racist due to the totally predictable prevalence of black men catcalling the female actor.

Beyond Blue is an Australian outfit dedicated to “tackling stigma” behind mental illness. Long gone are the days when someone being batshit insane was cause to disregard their opinions, today that sort of discrimination is politically incorrect, and the mentally ill are to be treated the same as the mentally healthy. We are literally expected to shape our social experience around the whims of crazy people.

The “Dangerous Speech Project” has issued a series of “guidelines” for determining when speech is “dangerous” and hence ought to be criminalized. They say some speech is prone to lead to atrocities, but it apparently never occurred to them that governments throwing people in prisons for speaking their minds might count as just such a thing.

The Wahid Institute is all about “seeding plural and peaceful Islam” which is fantastic because we all see how well the “seeding” of Islam is going in Europe. Women are getting “seeded” with Islam all the time, not peacefully of course, it’s rape and sexual assault. But once we’re all Muslims and the caliphate imposes Sharia Law on all of us, I’m sure there will be no more such conflicts.

Somehow, that’s supposed to coincide with the mission of the Anti-Defamation League, an outfit dedicated to fighting “anti-Semitism”, because, you know, Jews don’t have quite enough control over the media, government, and financial systems just yet.

And that’s just a few of the radical outfits now deciding who speaks and who gets silenced on Twitter.

Not to be outdone, Facebook has gone well beyond censorship. Not only are they shutting down the voices of the left’s political enemies and narrative destroyers, they are now “collaborating with the US State Department” to promote posts that “counter propaganda from terrorist groups like ISIS with messages of tolerance and hope”. But it isn’t limited to anti-ISIS campaigns, for example there was recent case in which a Facebook page for a “neo-Nazi” group was flooded with “likes” and positive messages.

In other news, the Democrat primary is turning into a race war. That scientific consensus on global warming? Not working out so well with science teachers. Reason Magazine sees a connection between Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders. Investors flock to gold as stock markets crash. All that and much, much more, plus your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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